Our Xtra Special: 
For those needing/wanting to take 2 
Real-i-Zingand 1 Maxim-i-Zing a day: Buy 2 bottles of Real-i-Zing (at the full retail) and get 1 bottle of Maxim-i-Zing at half price! A 2 month supply, 3 bottles for $87.50

Our XXtra Special:

For those needing/wanting 2 Real-i-Zing and 2 Maxim-i-Zing a day: 2 bottles of Real-i-Zing
 (at the full retail) & 2 bottles of Maxim-i-Zing at half price! A 2 month supply, 4 bottles for $105

I hope this makes your weight loss journey more affordable,

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It has always been important to me to be as available as I can to share both my knowledge of this product and the experiences of my other clients. Please feel free to visit for me a while when I am at one of my scheduled stops, email or call me. I try to call back everyone with-in a day, many times I get enough calls that it takes two or three days to return all those calls. Being on schedule and mailing orders are, of course, my first two priorities. I will work 15 hours a day and seven days a week when I need to in order to return everyone's inquiries. What is important to you, is important to me. If you do not hear from me with-in a 4 day period after making an inquiry, please re-email or call as I am not perfect and might have missed your first contact.